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Places to Visit in Toronto – Canada’s Cultural Capital

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Toronto is probably the most vibrant place in the whole of Canada with so many things to do and explore. There’s a kind eatery, great tourist attractions, delicious food and not to mention a very nice culture.

Not to mention the atmosphere which is probably the biggest green flag for tourists from all over the globe. If you are one of those tourists or living in a neighbourhood planning to visit Toronto, then pat yourself on the back for such a great choice. Toronto is surely the place to have some memorable moments. 

Popular Places to Visit in Toronto

While every corner of Toronto will provide you with a good time, some places will give you way more than that, lifelong memories. 

Here’s the list of such places to visit in Toronto Canada.

CN Tower

CN Tower is probably the first reason why you’re thinking about visiting Toronto. Its humongous height of 1,815 feet is one of the seven wonders of the Modern World. Those picture-perfect shots you’ve seen of the panoramic view of the tower must have made you eager to get one for yourself as well. Along with that, there are four observation areas available where you can explore a little more before you reach the top.

  • When you reach 1,122 feet, you are presented with an amazing glass floor view spanning a complete room.
  • Just 14 feet above at 1,136 feet, you’ll reach the main observation level where all the magic happens.
  • At the maximum height you can go, at 1465 feet comes the Skypod where you can take in the breathtaking view.

If this fueled your interest more then it’s better that your list must have this and no matter what you should visit it. Believe us, it will be worth it.

High Park

Want to take a walk in the heart of Toronto? High Park is your place then. After a long day of visiting the bustling streets and cuisines, taking a short walk here will refresh your soul. It spans over 400 acres and offers a fresh breath from all the hustle and bustle which is why it is the ultimate escape. Such luxury is only possible thanks to the organization for keeping it lush and clean.

Taking a walk through the cherry blossom trees might be the perfect thing that you can do here. So if you are finding a place to add a place where you’ll take some rest from the city’s rush and exploration, this is your destination.

Kensington Market

Want a place to go shopping and to take some gifts to take back home? Kensington Market is just the place for that. This is basically a treasure trove for those with an interest in shopping and cultural exploration. At this market, you’ll find things like vintage clothing everywhere, not to mention great global spices. 

There are vendors from all over the world, especially from Thailand. You’ll be having pad Thai one minute and jerk chicken the next! This might go on for several minutes. We suggest that you visit this place at night for the best possible experience.

St. Lawrence Market

Another place for people with a great love for food is the St. Lawrence Market. There are other standout features of this place as well but food is the core of the attractions. If you want the true culinary experience of Toronto, then make sure to grab lunch while you explore the market.

This iconic market is also known for its succulent chees, plump seasonal fruits and sweet treats. Thanks to more than 100 vendors who made such experience possible. So, make sure to praise those who made your taste buds experiences like never before. Also, while planning your trip make sure to check for any upcoming events to make the experience more memorable.

Distillery District

A loud and clear call to all nightlife enthusiasts! The Distillery District, once the world’s largest whisky distillery can offer way more. It’s now a trendy hub filled with art galleries, chic boutiques, and top-notch restaurants for you to enjoy. You can take a stroll down cobblestone streets, take some photos of the unique architecture, and catch a live performance or two.

All of such experiences become more awesome if you were to visit in the night-time. You’ll have an absolute blast, that’s a promise that this district made to its visitors.

How to Enhance Your Experience?

As you already know Toronto is a place filled with many great experiences, and you might be aware of the tourist count. Yeah, it’s always a rush of people from around the world throughout the year. That’s why it’s suggested if you don’t have your own traveling means, make sure to choose a town car service. What this will do is remove all the hassle of parking, driving, navigating and leaving only the fun part for you.

So if you are in search of a reliable private car service that can take you to and from any of the given destinations, make sure to contact us. We’ll provide you with the right vehicle for your traveling needs.

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